Monday, August 11, 2014

What I'm Up To?

Urm, hi?

For the past few weeks since I have started my holiday I have had few moments where I wanted to post something but when I was already right in front of the laptop, my brain went blank.

So, what I have been up to?

Puasa back at home; I was so glad that I got to puasa for at least 2 weeks surrounded by my family. Had I been in Shah Alam for the rest of Ramadhan I think I will be dead. Not because I cant stand fasting over there, it's the fact that I've had the same food every single day and like my classmate would say it "dah rasa nak termuntah dok tengok(read: fikir) makanan sama ja tiap hari". It's true.

Raya; my raya was urm quite plain actually but thank God for my friends who were here altogether (except for Ninie), so it's been quite fun too. I would say it's a so-so kinda celebration for this year but most importantly still get to be with the ones I cherish and them that I wished to be with. And the highlight was; I finally got to beraya with incik boipreng! Homaigod. Our first time bejarah raya together and my very first time coming to his house k beraya. I know it's kind of weird after 2 years baruk dapat nak bejarah sama. Glad we made it anyway. Thanks everybodyyyy!

Post-raya; I'm still living the I'm-not-sticking-with-my-laptop-this-holiday-so-I-dont-really-go-online-as-much-as-i-did-back-then. Explains why I've been slacking from my k-dramas and variety shows updates. I dont know, I just dont feel like it. I feel like I like it better to spend my time wandering in the house, doing house chores if I want to, and hangout with my family/friends. That's more like 'holiday' isnt it? But I'm not so sure about how long will this last but am not that worried because holiday will end in 3 weeks time so yeah, I better use my time left here WISELY.

Raya photos? Later. So lazy to do it. I told boyfriend I'm going to sleep but here I am writing away one blogpost. But hey, long time no see. Goodnight!

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