Monday, August 11, 2014

What I'm Up To?

Urm, hi?

For the past few weeks since I have started my holiday I have had few moments where I wanted to post something but when I was already right in front of the laptop, my brain went blank.

So, what I have been up to?

Puasa back at home; I was so glad that I got to puasa for at least 2 weeks surrounded by my family. Had I been in Shah Alam for the rest of Ramadhan I think I will be dead. Not because I cant stand fasting over there, it's the fact that I've had the same food every single day and like my classmate would say it "dah rasa nak termuntah dok tengok(read: fikir) makanan sama ja tiap hari". It's true.

Raya; my raya was urm quite plain actually but thank God for my friends who were here altogether (except for Ninie), so it's been quite fun too. I would say it's a so-so kinda celebration for this year but most importantly still get to be with the ones I cherish and them that I wished to be with. And the highlight was; I finally got to beraya with incik boipreng! Homaigod. Our first time bejarah raya together and my very first time coming to his house k beraya. I know it's kind of weird after 2 years baruk dapat nak bejarah sama. Glad we made it anyway. Thanks everybodyyyy!

Post-raya; I'm still living the I'm-not-sticking-with-my-laptop-this-holiday-so-I-dont-really-go-online-as-much-as-i-did-back-then. Explains why I've been slacking from my k-dramas and variety shows updates. I dont know, I just dont feel like it. I feel like I like it better to spend my time wandering in the house, doing house chores if I want to, and hangout with my family/friends. That's more like 'holiday' isnt it? But I'm not so sure about how long will this last but am not that worried because holiday will end in 3 weeks time so yeah, I better use my time left here WISELY.

Raya photos? Later. So lazy to do it. I told boyfriend I'm going to sleep but here I am writing away one blogpost. But hey, long time no see. Goodnight!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Group Selfie

Current addiction: It Hurts - Kim Jin Ho (OST Hotel King)

Final week of lectures is finally over and done with. Last class officially ended last night, handed in one last assignment yesterday evening, and I'm here, set for my study week.

Because my first paper will be on 1st July, I still have approximately one week to do my revision. Alhamdulillah. Hopefully I will spend this one week wisely to complete my revision. InsyaAllah!

I worry a lot on my carrymarks now since I know that I didnt do well for at least 3 subjects out of 6. I hope they will be better than my expectations though. Or else I will need to do VERY very well during the finals.

I want to get into the DL so bad so that I can apply and get a scholarship.

Ahh so many pressure inside my head T_T

Anywayssss. The girls in our class had our first group selfie yesterday. It's the end of semester baruk nak begambar sama. LOL thanks Nisah for the idea and pictures.

They are pretty, arent they?

Okay. Nak sort out notes before misi bermula. Daa!

Monday, June 16, 2014

The beginning

We're finally here at the 14th week. The final week for lectures/tests/assignments. I cant believe my first semester here is almost done with. Still I cant seem to grasp anything that I've learned in class. 

*shoots myself*

Anyway. After the Gawai break, like a couple of weeks ago, my schedule has been so packed with assignments and tests. It's really crazy and this final week will be crazier. 

With 5 assignments due all within one week and 6 tests within 3 days in between all the assignments submission dates. 

Alhamdulillah so far managed to handle 3 assignments (although havent completely complete) and 2 more to go. Revision?? What revision?

The 6 incoming tests?? ........

Buckle up, afra. This is only the beginning.


Monday, June 2, 2014


I think in being bestfriends with people, you'll be different yet similar in some ways. I feel that with my girlfriends. Yes, you have your own personality which will differ you from them but you guys befriended each other because of how you see things in life, or may be because of something else.

(Speaking of personality, again, I havent found one so I'm like the odd one out because I have no obvious - stable - personality so far. And by obvious personality I mean a strong one which makes people can think of you straight away when a situation occurs)

Yesterday we talked about being focused in our studies. I guess we all get distracted some times (but in our case, we get distracted all the times pfft!) so we talked about it and tried giving each other motivations which always end up with "yerr madah org sak aku sama juak". 

There. You see? That's where we're similar. LOL.

I told Ninie to be strong and stay positive, that we can do it if we work hard, we should all stay focus and try harder blahblahblah. 

Then I ended up saying "ku nangga Wolverine lok kbai"

Reason 1 of why I cant be a motivator.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Split personalities

For a lot of people at my age, they have already found who they are. I think they've developed their character so well by now and that is who they are.

I'm not so sure about myself, whether i have developed my own character too or have i not even developed one. Come to think of it, it's pretty late to create one as now is no longer the age to create it. But honestly, is it true there's a specified phase for it? I'm pretty slow at things like this. I'm almost 22, but I havent found myself yet..

I even asked my friends where do i go. To be ignorant or to be an overthinker. Of course these two are negative options that i gave them but that's just one of the things that I always question myself.

You see, at times i am such an angry monster, a grumpy lady who's mad at everyone even for petty things they do and feel like getting annoyed with everyone. Such a bulldog.

Other times I would just be that sweet girl who goes around smiling at people, joking, laughing, say sorry and thank you, and just be nice to people. I turn myself into an angel, think positive about everything and everyone, and be cool about problems getting in my way.

Sometimes, I will be that person who whines and complaints so much about things around me, swears, be selfish and just full of hatred.

But most of the times, my mind is such a complicated piece of art that keeps on thinking where do I start to develop a great personality when I cant even handle my anger and cant even tolerate people. Bitch.

I'm not just one person. SPLIT PERSONALITIES WHY ARE YOU IN ME?!

I wish i could just be the one who's kind, who spreads love and positive vibes, makes people happy and be an easy going person all the way. But I have so many characters inside me, I wonder how do I choose one and let it develop nicely??